EJM Boasts Record Charter Revenues

 - December 21, 2006, 6:19 AM

NetJets subsidiary Executive Jet Management (EJM) told AIN last month it logged record revenues last year but declined to reveal a dollar number. It did note, however, that 32 of its managed aircraft each generated more than $1 million in charter revenue; four generated $2 million each; three $3 million each; and one $5 million. “Every two hours of charter revenue covers one hour of direct operating cost,” said Ronald Silverman, newly appointed senior v-p of client services. The company is particularly proud of its ISO2001 certification. Since NetJets reached a new contract agreement with its pilots last year, providing supplemental lift for the fractional operator has been “a very small percentage of EJM ops,” said Maurice Levy, senior v-p of charter sales.