Switching to electronic charts? Read this

 - December 21, 2006, 11:00 AM

Eighty percent of pilots polled said they would make the switch to electronic charts if the cost was reasonable, the FAA said it was OK to do so and the hardware needed to run the e-charts was reliable and easy to use. Jeppesen published the poll results at a new Web site it launched last month called FlyElectronic.net. The site provides answers to questions about the transition to e-charts, from costs to what the regs say. The site offers compelling arguments for ditching paper. For example, Jeppesen says electronic charts are generally less costly than paper charts, you don’t need an EFB to use them and downloads of chart updates take just a few minutes over a broadband connection. A member’s section of the site includes video “podcasts” of electronic chart users extolling the benefits of the technology and, of course, information on how to buy.