FAA expected to update two issues

 - December 22, 2006, 4:16 AM

Industry groups, including NBAA, were working with the FAA late last year to get it to ease requirements on two issues that carried a January deadline. At press time, the association was expecting agency guidance to clarify its August Notice 8700.46 requiring operators of corporate jetliners that want or now have a waiver from Part 125 to operate under Part 91 to submit new letters of deviation authority (LODA) no later than the end of this month. NBAA is also looking for a “more reasonable” revision of the FAA’s so-called “priority service.” On January 1 the FAA was scheduled to start limiting “priority service” for aircraft in connection with declarations of international flights to allow only one request per aircraft (by N-number) in any three-month period. Without priority service, issuance of the registration certificate takes nearly 40 days after receipt of an application.