Flight Safety Foundation: Stuart Matthews to William Voss

 - December 26, 2006, 5:19 AM

As president and CEO, Stuart Matthews has been the face of the Flight Safety Foundation for the past 13 years. In October, he retired and handed the reins to William Voss, former director of air navigation for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Matthews and the foundation focused their efforts on approach and landing accidents and controlled flight into terrain. Matthews organized a task force of approximately 300 people from various countries and disciplines to address approach and landing accident reduction. This task force helped develop the ALAR tool kit, a CD that contained operational procedure documents, checklists, briefings and training aids. Matthews was awarded NBAA’s Meritorious Service Award in 2004.

During his two-year tenure at ICAO, Voss oversaw development of international safety initiatives, developed global safety plans and led reforms to expedite the process by which critical needs are identified and addressed. Voss previously worked at the FAA for 23 years, focusing on traffic management and control.