This Stork Brings Executive/VIP Interiors

 - January 25, 2007, 4:09 AM

Netherlands-based Fokker Services, a subsidiary of Stork Aerospace, is in the executive interiors business. Actually, the company has been converting Fokkers for private use since the 1980s, but not so much as a core revenue stream.

Three years ago, the company announced that it was converting a Fokker 100 twinjet airliner to an executive transport. “There were a lot of Fokkers sitting in storage and
we started getting inquiries,” said marketing director Peter Vanoostrum. Last year, on the springboard of two new interior contracts, Fokker Services launched a dedicated
completion and refurbishment center with 8,500 sq ft of space.

Today the company is adding auxiliary fuel systems to three VIP Fokker 100s for Moscow Sky, working on a Bombardier CRJ700 executive conversion and has an order from an Airbus customer to do the interior of an A319 ACJ for Stumpf Group of Austria. The auxiliary fuel tanks added to the Fokker 100s will boost the range to 2,700 nm, allowing nonstop flights from Moscow to Malaga and Dubai.

In the works are bids in response to several Airbus A318 Elite buyers.