Gulfstream 500 receives FAA type certification

 - January 29, 2007, 6:01 AM

The Gulfstream 500 received FAA type certification last month, and customer deliveries of the business jet are scheduled to start early this year. The G500, one of the eight Gulfstreams in the current model line, is a less expensive (approximately $37.5 million), shorter-range (5,800 nm nonstop) and less option-laden version of the $45-plus-million G550. The G500 shares the G550’s cabin size, maximum cabin altitude (6,000 feet), PlaneView cockpit and speed and altitude performance.

Meanwhile, in their first six months of flying, four G450 test aircraft have logged more than 400 hours. The G450, essentially a G400 (itself a redesignation of the GIV-SP) with the PlaneView cockpit and new Rolls-Royce Tay engines, is scheduled to be certified in the fourth quarter of this year. Estimated equipped price is about $33 million. The G450 was officially launched at the NBAA Convention in October, but it was known to have been under development as the GIV-X for at least three years when Nordam and Rolls-Royce disclosed they were developing thrust reversers and engines, respectively, for a new Gulfstream model.