Hangar space is scarce in Arkansas

 - January 29, 2007, 6:20 AM

According to a Little Rock local newspaper account, hangar space is hard to come by in the state of Arkansas, especially the capital city. Adams Field (LIT) is reported to be tapped out on hangar accommodations, and some local businessmen said they are concerned the situation could curtail economic growth in the city. Bob East, a construction company executive and member of the Little Rock Business Aviation Association, told the paper, “What if we had a corporation with a couple of jets wanting to come here? They can’t.”

In late November, the airport commission directed its staff to develop short-term solutions. In the longer term, TAC Air plans to build a pair of 20,000-sq-ft hangars at LIT–said to be a $12 million investment. Construction is scheduled for completion within two years, but the project has some other operators on the field hedging their bets. They’re concerned that if they, too, commit to adding hangars, the market for bizjet shelter may become oversaturated. Omni Air owner Chris Finkbeiner told the paper, “Airplanes come and go, but we’ve always been pretty full. [But] you want a full hangar. They’re so expensive; you hate to have too much hangar space.”

Other state airports with shortages of hangars include North Little Rock Municipal; Conway Municipal; Springdale Municipal in northwest Arkansas; and Benton Airport. John Knight, director of the state aeronautics department, said, “There are 93 airports in the state. They’re all either full or close to it.”