NTSB probing GIII taxiway landing

 - January 29, 2007, 11:04 AM

The NTSB is looking into the January 6 incident in which Gulfstream GIII N111FA landed on Taxiway B at Centennial Airport, Englewood, Colo. VMC prevailed at the time of the incident, 10:33 MST. The two pilots and three passengers were not injured. According to the Safety Board, the captain said during the visual approach that he was cleared to land on Runway 17L. About 30 seconds before landing, he was advised to go around or sidestep to 17R. He accepted the latter and was cleared to land on 17R. After landing, the tower advised the captain that he had landed on Taxiway B, which lies midway between 17L and 17R. According to a witness who had completed several approaches after N111FA, Runway 17L and Taxiway B were both “clean and clear,” and 17R was snow-covered. The “black” surface of Runway 17L and Taxiway B created a “strong” contrast with the surrounding snow-covered ground, including Runway 17R. According to an FAA inspector, the airport’s notam did not report that 17R was snow-covered.