Chelton Gains Approval for FlightLogic Nav and Autopilot Interfaces

 - January 30, 2007, 10:31 AM

Chelton Flight Systems has gained certification for the AIU-1 analog interface unit, an important milestone that adds seven more TSOs to the company’s FlightLogic EFIS. By adding the AIU-1, the EFIS is now certified to display dual RMI/VOR, localizer and glideslope, as well as marker beacon, ADF, radar altimeter and conventional flight director.

The AIU-1 also provides advanced GPS roll steering to any existing autopilot that supports a heading bug, according to the Boise, Idaho company. This allows the autopilot to fly DME arcs, procedure turns, holding patterns and holding-pattern entries. The EFIS, added the manufacturer, also sends vertical guidance and autothrottle commands, although no existing autopilot is capable of performing these functions.

The AIU-1 is now certified and shipping as an option with the FlightLogic EFIS, the first synthetic-vision primary flight display. The system features an integrated GPS/WAAS receiver and terrain awareness and warning system, and is RVSM compatible.