Airlog Imaging software lets users take control

 - January 31, 2007, 8:47 AM

AirLog Imaging is offering a Version II of its LBCD (Logbooks on CD). LBCD software Version I included search and view-only capabilities; Version II is a complete aircraft document scanning and indexing software program. The program has a password-protected maintenance data tab that activates the scanning and indexing capabilities. One of the benefits of the program is that documents never have to leave the operator’s home base and records can be backed up in real time, eliminating the need for a revision service.

Version II search features include an alphanumeric listing of all indexed items that allow users to find any document in seconds. In addition, the user can create read-only CDs to send to maintenance facilities for document review. The software is sold on a per-aircraft basis and comes complete with the customer’s aircraft information already set up.