Final Report: Loss of control caused fatal MU-2 crash

 - January 31, 2007, 10:47 AM

Mitsubishi MU-2B-35, Carolina, Puerto Rico, April 15, 2002–In IFR conditions with no IFR flight plan filed, the pilot of Mitsubishi N45BS experienced a loss of control while orbiting and crashed into an automobile service facility. Destination was Luis Munoz Marin Airport, San Juan. ATC had asked the flight to hold VFR over the “plaza.”

A witness saw the airplane emerge from clouds, wing- and nose-low. He heard the engine “cutting in and out.” The airplane was destroyed and the pilot killed. There was no evidence of precrash failure or malfunction of the engines, propellers or flight controls. The NTSB said the accident was caused by the pilot’s failure to maintain airspeed while maneuvering, following inadvertent encounter with clouds, resulting in an inadvertent stall and uncontrolled descent and subsequent collision with trees, a wall and a building.