Jet Aviation Singapore performs its largest repair

 - January 31, 2007, 8:57 AM

Jet Aviation Singapore, the only Gulfstream authorized service center and warranty repair station in Asia, recently completed the replacement of both left and right wing attachment (clothes-pin) fittings on a Gulfstream IV. This was the largest structural repair job the facility ever performed.

During a routine 24-month inspection on a customer’s aircraft, mechanics at the facility discovered corrosion on the wing attachment fittings. Before the facility could perform the repair work, it needed to procure shoring equipment to make sure the aircraft structure did not move during removal of the wing attachments. A local engineering shop fabricated the shoring equipment. Jet Aviation says it worked around the clock to make an on-time delivery, and noted that the equipment produced for the project can be easily dismantled for deployment to other Jet Aviation maintenance locations should the need arise.