London, Moscow popular departure points for large charter aircraft

 - January 31, 2007, 4:53 AM

Customers wanting to fly out of Moscow and London dominate executive charter demand for larger business jets in Europe, according to the latest statistics from Swedish charter booking software specialist Avinode. Some 120 brokers across Europe and Russia are using the company’s Pax system, and in the three months from August to October it handled 24,616 searches (up 17 percent on the May through July period) and 9,011 flight requests (a 9-percent increase).

Demand for flights out of the UK and Russian capitals was mainly for larger aircraft such as Challengers and Falcon 900s, collectively accounting for close to 22 percent of all bookings. The London-area airports also topped the Avinode rankings for midsize aircraft charters, being the starting point for fully 14 percent of all departures. The data shows Farnborough increasing in popularity as a departure airport for light and midsize jets, with Luton still popular among larger jet customers.

Most requests for light jet flights came from customers traveling out of Munich, Nice and Paris. The German city also accounted for the highest proportion of turboprop charter bookings.

Meanwhile, Avinode has signed an agreement to feature the CTA-FOS automatic aircraft availability software as part of its system. The price and availability of more than 400 business aircraft of all sizes are listed on the system.