Preliminary Report: Merlin lands short in IMC

 - January 31, 2007, 9:09 AM

SWEARINGEN MERLIN IIIB, SPOKANE VALLEY, WASH, NOV. 20, 2003–Swearingen Merlin IIIB N439AF, owned by Ameriflight of Burbank, Calif., was destroyed when it crashed into trees approximately one mile short of the runway on an ILS approach to Spokane Valley, Wash. in IMC conditions. The accident occurred at approximately 4:06 p.m. The flight was operated as Ameriflight AMF1996 and the pilot, who was alone, was killed. The air-taxi flight had left Boeing Field ((BFI), Seattle, Wash. at approximately 3:07 p.m. on an IFR flight plan.