Show me the moneeeeey! That’s what the latest NBAA Compensation & Benchmark Survey does, and more.

 - January 31, 2007, 9:57 AM

The survey, with a base of more than 675 flight departments, presents a set of baseline data broken down by characteristics of the flight department and the corporation. It allows NBAA members to compare their own operations to a composite of similar flight departments. The 676 aviation departments that provided data for the survey operated 1,149 aircraft and employed 4,308 people.

Survey participants may access the compiled results of the survey online at no cost. Participants may purchase hard copies of the results for $50. NBAA member representatives who did not participate in the survey may purchase online access for $50 and hard copies for $100. Survey results are not available to non-members. To purchase online access or hard copies, NBAA member representatives may contact Sarah Dicke at