Washington Report: TSA Boss Takes No. 2 DHS Job

 - January 31, 2007, 8:49 AM

Adm. James Loy, administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has been promoted to second-in-command at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He was selected over other higher-ranking officials in the Cabinet department.

The former Coast Guard commandant has won praise from members of Congress and industry for supervising the overhaul of the aviation security system and is widely respected for his work at the TSA, which includes other modes of transportation as well.

“Throughout his remarkable career of public service, Admiral Loy has demonstrated extraordinary management skills and a tireless work ethic,” said Ed Bolen, General Aviation Manufacturers Association president. “For the past 18 months, he has developed an in-depth understanding of general aviation and has been very supportive of the industry’s efforts to enhance security. We are looking forward to working with him in his new capacity as deputy secretary of Homeland Security.”

At the TSA, Loy was liked for his frank, yet eager-to-please personality. Unlike predecessor John Magaw, he is knowledgeable about transportation issues. Under his watch, AOPA’s airport-security program was implemented, complete with a TSA-operated hotline.