In The Works: ATG Javelin

 - January 31, 2007, 4:41 AM

Aviation Technology Group of Englewood, Colo., said last month that the Javelin demonstrator prototype is undergoing final assembly at ATG’s research and development facilities in Englewood.

As of early last month, workers had installed the main landing gear and rudder pedals. ATG engineers have also completed bench testing of avionics in preparation for instrument panel installation and final avionics functional testing. They have also successfully integrated the engine instruments and flight test data display with avionics and aircraft instrumentation in preparation for preliminary engine runs, which are expected this month.

ATG said the Javelin prototype will be used to evaluate aircraft performance, handling qualities and selected system installations. The results of this testing will be assessed and changes made as necessary for incorporation into the FAA-certified production Javelin. First flight of the Javelin prototype is planned for the second quarter, a slight delay from earlier estimates. FAA certification is still slated for 2007.