Brisk Frax Hiring Predicted

 - February 1, 2007, 10:06 AM

Atlanta-based aviation placement company AIR projects that the four major fractional aircraft ownership companies will hire at least 1,000 pilots this year, more than double the 482 hired last year, but fewer than the record 1,363 hired in 2000. The last year in which the fractionals hired more than 1,000 pilots was 2001, according to AIR. NetJets, the largest fractional operator, is expected to hire more than a third of the projected total. The company said it will hire “at least 300 pilots this year” in response to increased demand for fractional shares. Also driving demand are the new duty-time rules of Part 91 Subpart K, which went into effect on February 17 for fractional operators that started in business before November 2003.