Gulfstream 500 gets EASA OK

 - February 1, 2007, 5:47 AM

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the JAA have both now validated the FAA’s type certificate for the Gulfstream 500. The dual validation allows the aircraft to be certified and registered in all 38 JAA member states, including the 25 countries of the European Union (EU), for which the EASA now has legal authority for issuing type certificates.

New type certification programs for aircraft produced and/or registered in the European Union are now conducted directly through the EASA and are automatically valid for all EU states. Significantly, national aviation authorities no longer have the legal authority to impose additional technical requirements as they often did with JAA type certificates.

However, for non-EU countries in the JAA (such as Switz-erland and Turkey), type cert- ification technically still has to be conducted under the auspices of the JAA, with the resulting paperwork legally issued by national aviation authorities. In practice, explained an EASA spokesman, the process is con- ducted in close cooperation with the JAA since the two agencies are relying on a common body of expertise– largely derived from technical staff drawn from the national aviation authorities. The key distinction between the EASA and the JAA is legal authority since EASA’s certificates automatically take effect in EU member states.

Last year, Gulfstream received EASA type certificates for its G550, G200 and G450 models. The U.S. airframer expects to complete the EASA/ JAA validation process for the long-range G350 before the end of next month.