Jeppesen Begins Mapping Taxiways at Airports around the World

 - February 1, 2007, 10:57 AM

Jeppesen has undertaken an ambitious yearlong effort to survey taxiways and ramp areas at high-use airports throughout the world. Using GPS surveying equipment, Jeppesen engineers plan to establish precise reference points on airports and compare them with digitized satellite imagery. The result of the effort will be an airport-mapping database that will let pilots access detailed electronic maps of runways, taxiways, taxiway markings, ramp areas and gates. Jeppesen hopes to include some 300 airports in the database by this time next year. The effort will lead to the introduction of a software suite called Taxi Position Awareness (TPA), intended to run on handheld electronic flight bag (EFB) computers. After the initial rollout of TPA, Jeppesen will begin considering additional airports that might make good candidates for the software, with business aviation facilities expected to be fairly high on that list.