New Service Difficulty Reporting Rules Delayed Again

 - February 1, 2007, 5:50 AM

Revisions to the service difficulty reporting (SDR) requirements in FAR Parts 121, 135 and 145 (air carriers and repair stations) set to have gone into effect on January 16 have been delayed until Jan. 30, 2006. As a result of several unresolved issues raised by the industry, the agency has delayed the effective date of the revisions on four separate occasions since the final rules were adopted on Sept. 16, 2000. “The purpose of these delays was to allow the agency time to consider industry’s concerns and to consider issuing a revised notice of proposed rulemaking,” the FAA said. “Unfortunately, we have not completed action on this initiative, and a further delay of the effective date is necessary to allow additional time for us to address industry concerns.”