OneSky Launches Online Charter ‘Matchmaking’ Service

 - February 1, 2007, 9:32 AM

OneSky Network of Manchester, N.H., has launched its new charter “mission matching” business to “organize the nation’s best charter operators through a single, Internet-based integrated aircraft information management system. “We’re a mission-matching business,” said OneSky president and CEO Greg Johnson, “designed to help charter companies create, control and connect their business.” It will, he said, “for the first time seamlessly connect air charter operators with passengers while providing technology solutions, marketing and financial services to help operators increase flights and profits.” The proprietary C3 suite of products, he added, will allow charter operators to lower costs by providing “real-time tools.”

Johnson claimed the C3 program, accessed through an operator-specific private portal at, could result in the realization of nearly $15,000 per aircraft annually from new revenue and cost savings. OneSky offers through its Online service: quotes, schedules, booking, win/loss reports, market data for pricing assistance and financials and expenses by flight. It will also provide reduced fees for financial transactions, including credit cards, wire transfers and electronic checks. The OneSky Fleet Card will assist members in keeping track of employee and pilot purchases for fuel, hotels, transportation, insurance and telecommunications. The mission-matching system, said Johnson, presents flight choices in a “best/better/good format” to more closely meet passenger needs.