RVSM Avionics STC’d for Citation 500

 - February 1, 2007, 5:15 AM

Honeywell has obtained FAA certification of an avionics package that enables Citation 500s to meet the requirements for operating in RVSM airspace, including domestic RVSM scheduled to be implemented next January. Honeywell’s STC covers Citation 500s with serial numbers between 001 and 0274. The full package includes two next-generation AM 250 altimeter systems coupled to a KFC 325 flight-control system and EFIS 50 electronic flight instrument system. This package, including an installation kit, carries a suggested list price of $280,000 uninstalled. The altimeters are available separately (and carry a list price of $51,000 uninstalled, but also with an installation kit) for Citations already equipped with a KFC 325 and EFIS 50.