Construction near Oxford causes concerns

 - February 2, 2007, 10:07 AM

Contrary to FAA-recommended national standards, a housing contractor was successful in changing zoning regulations in Oxford, Conn., and will be allowed to build within Waterbury-Oxford Airport’s 65-decibel noise contour. With its ILS-equipped 5,000- by 100-foot runway and contract-operated control tower, Waterbury-Oxford (OXC) has gained increasing favor as a business aircraft base and is home to a growing number of business jets. The developer plans 94 residential units in the area surrounding the middle marker of the ILS to Runway 36. The changes to the Oxford zoning regulations met opposition from the Connecticut DOT, FAA, NBAA and other regional planning agencies, but to no avail. NBAA, the airport authority and the Connecticut Business Aviation Group continue to work to prevent construction of the houses.