Arinc Begins Offering CDM Services

 - February 5, 2007, 5:30 AM

Arinc Direct is now providing business aircraft flight crews full access to the collaborative decision-making (CDM) program, an FAA and industry partnership to improve traffic flows and cut delays.

CDM participants send their flight intentions in advance to the FAA, which lets the agency better predict traffic chokepoints. In return, CDM users receive advance FAA air traffic projections and traffic data, and can often benefit from higher slot priorities at their destinations. The CDM program, say FAA officials, has proved especially valuable in bad weather and during peak traffic periods.

Arinc Direct claims it is the first general aviation flight-planning service provider to activate a live CDM data exchange with the FAA. “We will soon be able to give business aviation operators the same quality of timely air traffic information the airlines enjoy,” said Dave Poltorak, Arinc Direct vice president of business aviation services