Chertoff: A Friend of General Aviation?

 - February 5, 2007, 4:43 AM

GA groups generally welcomed the Senate confirmation of Judge Michael Chertoff to be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, replacing Tom Ridge, who resigned. But his positions on general aviation are still unknown.

Commenting on Chertoff’s confirmation to head the DHS, Bolen said, “We look forward to having an opportunity to familiarize Mr. Chertoff with the priorities of the business aviation community and to working with him to develop policies that protect America’s aviation security interests, while recognizing economic realities and the need to protect personal freedoms.”

AOPA said it was still trying to confirm Chertoff’s position on GA as it relates to national security. Nothing he has said before or since his nomination has given a clear indication of whether or not he considers GA a threat, the association said.
“Now that the full Senate has confirmed Judge Chertoff’s nomination, AOPA plans to ask for a meeting as soon as possible to make sure he understands the important role GA plays in American day-to-day life,” said AOPA president Phil Boyer. “Judge Chertoff has a reputation as a quick study, so even if he does not know much about GA, we hope that he’ll see why it’s so important to find common-sense ways to address national security concerns without [placing] undue burdens on GA pilots.”