CMC Electronics EVS Sensor Gains Canadian Certification

 - February 5, 2007, 5:29 AM

Transport Canada has certified the SureSight I-series infrared (IR) enhanced-vision system (EVS) sensor developed by CMC Electronics, marking one of the last steps before certification and production approval of the complete EVS for the Bombardier Global Express XRS.

Once certified, the Bombardier EVS will be standard in the Global Express XRS and offered as an option in the Global Express and Global 5000. Bombardier is integrating the SureSight sensor in its airplanes with the already certified Thales head-up display. Bombardier expects to gain Transport Canada and FAA certification for the HUD/EVS package in the Global Express XRS this month.

Dassault and Boeing Business Jets have picked the same sensor for their own in-development EVS packages, which also will mate the IR sensor to a HUD, a setup that, like the Bombardier EVS, will allow for reduced takeoff and landing weather minimums.