General Dynamics Business Unit Developing Capstone Satcom

 - February 6, 2007, 4:12 AM

General Dynamics C4 Systems, a division of General Dynamics, announced a deal with the FAA to begin certification work on satellite communications equipment for the FAA’s Capstone Communications Control System program in Alaska. According to the Scottsdale, Ariz. company, its Iridium-based satcom system has already demonstrated successful flight tracking and in-flight information and weather services for pilots flying in hazardous and remote regions of Alaska, where the Capstone technology demonstration program is taking place.

Before the satellite-enabled system was available, ATC could not track small commercial aircraft in most parts of Alaska. According to the FAA, the difficult operating conditions there are responsible for about 27 percent of the nation’s air carrier and commercial operator accidents.

The FAA will provide the satcom equipment to certain commercial operators participating in the Capstone trials at no charge.