Preliminary Report: Two cargo carriers collide

 - March 7, 2007, 6:05 AM

Raytheon Beech 99A, Milwaukee, Jan. 25, 2007–A Freight Runners Beech 99 collided with a company Cessna 402B at a runway-taxiway intersection after landing on Runway 25L at General Mitchell International Airport. The Beech 99 pilot, who was slightly injured, landed just past the intersecting Runway 19, slowed, and told Tower he could exit at A2 taxiway, which led to A, and he was cleared.

He said he “turned off the strobes, landing light and de-ice equipment, turned onto A2, reached for the radio to tune Ground. I heard a thump, looked up to my right and saw the engine engulfed in flame.” He shut down the engines and left the airplane. He ran between taxiway A and Runway 25L, where he discovered the uninjured pilot of the Cessna 402.

The Cessna pilot had landed on Runway 25R and was instructed by Tower to exit at Runway 13/31 and contact Ground. After being cleared to taxi to the cargo ramp via taxiways G, B and A, he “received no further transmissions from ground control–regarding hazards or anything else.” As he taxied onto A, he said, the Cessna was “hit by a company Beech 99 from behind in the left wingtip.” The propeller from the Beech 99 ruptured the wingtip fuel tank, which created a fireball. The Cessna pilot shut down the engine and electrical systems and left the airplane.