Final Report: King Air damaged taxiing over a pothole

 - March 9, 2007, 9:59 AM

Beech King Air B200, Hondo, Texas, Sept. 5, 2006–The Safety Board attributed the King Air accident to the airplane’s running over an unmarked pothole in the taxiway while taxiing for departure from Hondo Municipal Airport (HDO). A contributing factor was the rain obscuring the pothole.

With no apparent ill effects from the encounter with the pothole, the ATP-rated pilot took off and reached his cruise altitude of 3,000 feet, then noticed the airplane was unusually out of trim and required rudder and aileron trim to maintain level flight.
He landed at his intended refueling airport, 30 miles from HDO, and discovered that the right wing and right engine nacelle were damaged. The pilot was not injured.