Renovated Avitat HPN open

 - March 9, 2007, 10:16 AM

Avitat Westchester opened its newly renovated Westchester County Airport FBO in January. Featuring a two-story 21,000-sq-ft terminal fronted by a glass canopy, Avitat Westchester’s lobby welcomes visitors with five column-shaped tropical fish aquariums and the new Café du Grand Fromage (the big cheese café). Piano music wafts throughout the lobby’s glass-canopied atrium on a Sony Disklavier automated baby grand. Unlike the lobbies at many traditional FBOs, Avitat’s lobby is located on the street-side entrance, not next to the aircraft ramp. A hallway leads from the lobby security doors directly to the ramp.

“A soaring atrium,” said Avitat Westchester president Mike Dolphin, “custom-designed stainless-steel staircases, and spaces shared by both crew and passengers make this complex a statement about the relationship between those who fly and those who are flown, an always intimate yet rarely integrated architectural experience.”