Bombardier’s Montreal Center delivers first Challenger 300

 - March 12, 2007, 8:46 AM

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier delivered the first Challenger 300 from its Montreal center in January. Before a restructuring last year, the company had expected to do Challenger 300 interiors at its Tucson, Ariz. facility, but shifted the responsibility to its new integrated manufacturing center in Montreal. The center combines final assembly activities with interior completion and paint for all of its Challenger business jet line.

In other news, Bombardier’s first completed Global 5000 is scheduled for customer delivery in April. The aircraft was the company demonstrator, the first Global 5000 to be shown with a completed interior and unveiled at the Farnborough airshow last year.
Global 5000 interiors are also being installed at Montreal, in the Bombardier Completion Centre built in 1997 specifically for Global Express completions.