FAA veteran given additional duties

 - March 12, 2007, 9:10 AM

Former Free Flight Phase 1 director Charles Keegan has been appointed vice president for operations planning in the FAA’s Air Traffic Management Organization (ATO), succeeding Norman Fujisaki, who is retiring. Keegan will continue as director of the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO), the interagency organization developing the long-term plan for the next-generation air transport system.

Keegan is now responsible for both the short- and near-term planning for the ATO as well as the longer-term planning for the JPDO. Before becoming JPDO director, he was vice president for en route and oceanic operations in the ATO, and before that he served as FAA associate administrator for research and acquisition, the agency’s top research and development post.

A licensed pilot, Keegan began his FAA service when he was hired as an air traffic controller shortly after graduating from Daniel Webster College in 1981. His previous experience includes being the first head of the FAA’s Operational Evolution Plan, a 10-year rolling effort to increase the capacity of the National Airspace System.