First the world series, now the final four

 - March 12, 2007, 7:33 AM

St. Louis has its fair share of big events, including last year’s World Series and the upcoming NCAA Final Four next month. Midcoast Aviation’s newly renovated FBO at St. Louis Downtown Airport (CPS) has seen its measure of foot traffic. The World Series did not end happily for local fans, as the Boston Red Sox slaked an 86-year thirst for a title, defeating the hometown Cardinals in four straight games. But when baseball fans from around the country flocked to St. Louis to see the series’ final two games, the standing-room-only conditions at Busch Stadium were mirrored at CPS. Midcoast line service staff handled 116 aircraft in town for Game Four. The FBO added special services, such as shuttles to the ballpark and a crew buffet-sports TV room, and will add the same services for the Final Four next month. Located most conveniently to downtown–as befits its name–CPS and Midcoast are anticipating another big party for the premier NCAA basketball event of the year next month.