SJ30-2 achieves pressurization promise

 - March 16, 2007, 9:26 AM

Sino Swearingen last month said it had passed FAA tests that enable the SJ30-2 to meet its advertised pressurization differential of 12 psi, higher than any other business jet or airliner. At 12 psi, the new twinjet will have a sea-level cabin at 41,000 feet altitude and an 1,800-foot cabin at the maximum altitude of 49,000 feet, according to the company. To obtain this high pressurization level, the FAA witnessed Sino Swearingen “pump up” an SJ30-2 fuselage to an “ultimate” load limit of 31.40 psi. The company said its tests demonstrated load forces 167 percent above what would be experienced in the worst-case scenario, exceeding the FAA required safety factor of 133 percent. Certification of the SJ30-2 is expected next fall.