Chinese try quality trainers

 - March 22, 2007, 8:33 AM

Shanghai Sikorsky has delivered two Shen 3A helicopters (license-built Schweizer 300Cs) to Tianjin’s Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC). Acceptance flights were carried out at the Shanghai Gaodong Maritime Search and Rescue Heliport, located in the Pudong New District. This heliport serves as the base of operations for the port’s Maritime Search and Rescue Flying Service and is operated by China’s Ministry of Communications.

The two helicopters are now being transported to Tianjin, a city on the northern Chinese coast, southeast of Beijing. There, they will be used to train pilots at a new CAUC pilot training center. In preparation, instructor pilots are currently converting to type.

Shanghai Sikorsky is a joint venture between Sikorsky Aircraft and Shanghai Little Eagle Science and Technology. The total Shen fleet in China now numbers 10; in addition to pilot training, they operate in roles including agriculture, police observation, aerial surveillance and photography.