Conklin & de Decker release MxManager 6.5

 - March 22, 2007, 9:09 AM

Version 6.5 of Conklin & de Decker’s MxManager maintenance management software incorporates a number of changes and improvements, according to a spokesman for the company. The most significant is a new, flexible aircraft status board and the ability to assign overtime factors for labor hours on work orders.

“The aircraft status board gives users not only the essential information that the current manual board provides for pilots and maintenance technicians but also an added degree of flexibility,” he said. “No longer does the maintenance department have to view only a few pre-selected maintenance events. The new aircraft status board allows the maintenance department to view the upcoming maintenance events for the entire fleet or by individual aircraft depending upon the situation.”

The updated software allows the maintenance department to designate the type of labor hours that are assigned to a work order. The labor hour factor gives the maintenance department a level of flexibility when assigning its time to a work order by identifying the time as straight, time-and-a-half, double or whatever factor is desired.

The new release also contains improvements that include additional work order reports, hyperlinks that eliminate the need to re-create files that contain information in programs other than MxManager, and additional functionality for the recently implemented alternate part number feature. The software assists in the areas of maintenance tracking, purchasing, inventory, work orders and maintenance cost analysis.