Preliminary Report: E170 overruns runway

 - March 26, 2007, 7:17 AM

Embraer E170, Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 18, 2007–The Shuttle America Embraer was substantially damaged when it hit a localizer antenna and a fence after overrunning snow-covered Runway 28 when landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The 74 people on board, including the captain, first officer and two flight attendants, were not injured.

The flight was initially cleared for the ILS Runway 24R approach but, 10 minutes out, ATC changed the clearance to Runway 28, even though the glideslope for the ILS 28 approach was unusable due to snow. ATC said the runway visual range (RVR) was 6,000 feet and that braking action was fair. After the airplane passed the final approach fix, ATC told the crew that the RVR had lowered to 2,000 feet.

At 50 feet above the ground, the captain said he had the runway in sight, but at 30 feet he momentarily lost sight of the runway. He then saw the runway and landed, encountering strong gusty winds. After touchdown, they could barely see the runway lights and taxiway turnoffs. The captain reported that despite the use of full reverse and braking, the airplane did not seem to slow down.