Boeing submits Traffic-flow Modernization Plan to FAA

 - March 28, 2007, 5:59 AM

Boeing has proposed that a team headed by its Air Traffic Management business unit lead the FAA’s Traffic Flow Management Modernization program, a 12-year initiative to modernize the traffic flow infrastructure in the U.S. and add new functions and features to the system, which the FAA uses to monitor, manage and measure the flow of air traffic nationwide.

Boeing said its plan would enhance information sharing between ATC and the airlines and improve collaboration on planning, decision-making and management of airspace congestion. The company did not elaborate on how business aviation fits into that plan. The FAA is expected to award a contract for the program in June.

The Boeing team would consist of its own Air Traffic Management and Phantom Works business units, Raytheon, Kenrob and Associates, Metron Aviation, RLM Software and WSI. Flight Explorer, Arcon and the Washington Consulting Group also contributed to Boeing’s proposal.