Flow Management System passes tests in Brussels

 - March 28, 2007, 6:11 AM

In December, the enhanced tactical flow management system data-distribution system (ETFMS-DDS) provided by German ATM supplier Comsoft successfully passed its site acceptance tests at the central flow management unit (CFMU) in Brussels. In a first phase during 2001/02, Comsoft implemented the ETFMS data-collection system (DCS) for Eurocontrol. ETFMS-DCS today gathers real-time positional data from ATC centers all over Europe and forwards it to the CFMU in Brussels and its contingency center in Paris.

Now in a second step, the individual flight profiles and forecast information generated at the CFMU will be distributed to all interested parties via Comsoft’s ETFMS-DDS. The service will be employing both a satellite and ground-based network. It is expected to become operational this year.

Currently, ETFMS network nodes are installed at around 20 sites in 15 European countries: Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; The Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Switzerland; the UK; and the Maastricht Upper Area Control Center.