OSU eyes runway extention, users polled

 - March 28, 2007, 7:53 AM

The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, has initiated an environmental assessment for extending one of the runways of its airport (OSU) to 6,000 feet from 5,000 feet. The purpose of the project is “to improve safety and provide for more efficient operations of business aircraft,” according to the university, which operates the airport as part of its extensive aviation-degree programs. Supporters of the proposal to extend the runway are asking airport users, or potential users, to provide letters of support specifying what type of aircraft they operate, their number of operations at OSU, the nature of their trips to and from the airport and what benefits they will derive from having a 6,000-foot runway. Letters should be sent to Douglas Hammon, Airport Director, Ohio State University Airport, 2160 West Case Rd., Columbus, OH 43235.