Rolls-Royce overhauls Model 250 service network

 - March 28, 2007, 6:53 AM

Rolls-Royce has introduced a new network of service centers that it claims offers “unprecedented” full-capability repair and overhaul (R&O) support to operators of its Model 250 engines. Twenty support specialists now form a worldwide service network that replaces what was known as the Model 250 authorized maintenance center (AMC) network.

The new Model 250 authorized service center network includes three company-owned Rolls-Royce Service Centers in São Paulo, Brazil, the Philippines and Oakland, Calif., as well as 13 independent AMCs and four military overhaul facilities. Members of the network qualify under six-year terms, which started in January. Rolls-Royce will provide an updated network of authorized repair facilities to perform R&O on Model 250 modules. Full details of the new networks, along with news of additional customer service initiatives, will be announced this month at Heli-Expo.