Savannah Air Center installs HSD-256 data Satcom in Global Express

 - March 28, 2007, 6:02 AM

The ability to surf the Internet while cruising through the lower stratosphere continues to get easier, and faster, thanks to the incremental upgrades being made to the capabilities of current high-speed data satcom systems. Savannah Air Center reports it is working with the FAA’s Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office to gain an STC for the installation of an EMS Technologies 256-kbps high-speed-data satcom aboard a Global Express, expected soon.

The system will be the first installed in a Global Express to bond EMS Technologies’ 128-kbps high-speed transceiver with two additional 64-kpbs units and a pair of AMT-50 satcom antennas. Savannah Air Center claims the system will allow for data transfers that are 100 times faster than any other certified satcom system.

The Georgia mod center was awarded the first STC for the installation of an HSD-128 system on a Gulfstream V last year. While the system on the Global Express is similar in design to the installation the company performed on the GV, ensuring adequate space for the second AMT-50 became critical, said Savannah Air Center vice president Jeff Zacharius.