Euro charter demand strong

 - March 29, 2007, 7:11 AM

Demand for large business jets is growing in the European executive charter market, according to the latest statistics from online charter booking service Avinode. According to the Gothenburg, Sweden-based company, large jets accounted for 29 percent of all requests in December, up from 17 percent in July.

At the same time, demand for chartered turboprop equipment has also remained significant, accounting for between 30 and 42 percent of requests over the same period. Small jets were requested by 24 percent of clients in December (down from 35 percent in July), while midsize jets have represented only around 14 to 17 percent of requests over the same period.

Avinode’s figures show the Bombardier Challenger 604 to be the most requested aircraft (17 percent), followed by the Dassault Falcon 900 trijet (10 percent). Flights out of Moscow now account for the highest proportion of large jet requests (12.3 percent), followed by London at 9 percent of all large-jet departures. Moscow Vnukovo Airport and London Luton Airport each garnered 7 percent of these departures. The five most popular destinations for executive charter flights out of Moscow were Zurich, Paris, Geneva, London and Nice.

Since last April, the number of charter searches made through Avinode peaked in October at 3,078 and stood at 2,763 in December. Over the same period, October also saw the highest number of charter requests (1,161). The average number of requests over this nine-month period was 730.