Garett, D&D Aviation claims faster RVSM approvals

 - March 30, 2007, 10:36 AM

Garrett Aviation and D&D Aviation Services ( of Marietta, Ga., have an agreement under which Garrett can provide a complete reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) compliance package, providing the operator all of the required elements to obtain a letter of authorization (LOA).

Garrett Aviation Services (, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric, has nine locations–Long Island, N.Y.; Augusta, Ga.; Springfield, Ill.; Little Rock, Ark.; Houston; Omaha, Neb.; Tempe, Ariz.; Los Angeles; and ElectroSonics in Columbus, Ohio.

The package includes equipment installation, standard practice and procedures manuals for RVSM operations, an operator/aircraft-specific minimum equipment list (MEL) and required monitoring flight. Garrett Aviation, the STC holder, will install the equipment and provide the required monitoring flight while D&D Aviation ensures that all necessary domestic and international operational manuals and FAA paperwork, along with an operator/aircraft-specific MEL, are correctly completed.

“This should be a tremendous stress reliever for operators who need to have their aircraft modified for RVSM compliance this year,” said Brian Watkins, Garrett’s director of program management. “We’ve always made the RVSM process as painless as possible, but now we can provide a complete turnkey package that gives the operator FAA approval in the shortest time.”

“Getting the installation completed and the STCs signed off are only part of the total process. The operator must complete all the paperwork leading up to the issuance of the letter of authorization by the FAA. This process can be confusing and time consuming,” said Danny Wright, president and CEO of D&D Aviation, which has been specializing in FAA document preparation since 1988. “While the actual installation may take five to 15 days, it can take another 60 to 90 days to get the LOA. We will prepare the supplemental evidence package along with appropriate standard practices manuals and an operator/aircraft-specific MEL with appropriate procedures for operating within the RVSM airspace, and we can often dramatically shorten that timeframe,” typically to under 30 days and even as little as one day “under special circumstances.”

Garrett offered as an example a Citation “out the door” RVSM operational approval for $87,500 (depending on aircraft model and configuration). The price includes everything except pilot training and comes with the assurance that operators will get the LOA from their local FSDO. Garrett currently offers RVSM compliance installations for the Gulfstream II/IIB; Cessna Citation 500 series; Falcon 10/100, 20 and 50; and Westwind I/II and Astra. The next significant RVSM deadline is next January 20 for implementation in the U.S. and southern Canada.