Preliminary Report: Ccaravan control cable fails

 - March 30, 2007, 1:15 PM

CESSNA 208B CARAVAN, AUBURN, ALA., FEB. 3, 2004–At 2 p.m. a Caravan registered to and operated by Rushton Air experienced a right rudder control cable failure shortly after takeoff from the Columbus Metropolitan Airport (CSG), Ga., on a planned flight to Auburn-Opelika Airport (AUO). The repositioning flight was operating under Part 91 in VMC without a flight plan, with a captain and first officer aboard. There were no injuries and the airplane was not damaged.

During the takeoff roll the rudder did not respond to pressure on the right pedal, but due to the high traffic volume at Columbus, the crew proceeded to Auburn. In further examination during the flight, the crew found that the right rudder cable was broken. The pilot asked that emergency vehicles meet them on Auburn’s Runway 36, although he did not declare an emergency. The airplane landed uneventfully.

The rudder cable was found to be separated at the trailing end of its attaching clevis. The cable and clevis were sent to the NTSB’s materials laboratory for further examination.