TotalFBO version 4 certified for Windows Server 2003

 - March 30, 2007, 1:04 PM

Horizon announced last month that Total-FBO version 4, built on the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database engine, has received Microsoft’s “Verified for Windows Server 2003” certification. Version 4 of the popular FBO business software changes the database engine, but also involves a rewrite to optimize SQL’s performance capabilities. According to the company, reports that used to take minutes now run in seconds. New column-by-column sort and search capabilities make it easier to find data in large files. And MS/SQL protects data even when power goes out or users reboot machines at the wrong time.

Some of the software’s highlights include:

• Online credit-card authorization for Chevron and Avfuel, with detailed receivables tracking of contract-fuel sales. Exxon, AirBP and Shell interfaces will be completed by the end of this quarter.

• Progressive billing from shop orders, allowing convenient billing for partially completed jobs without closing the work order. Implements warranty billing from shop orders to simplify preparation of paperwork for warranty claims while giving the customer an accurate representation of the total job.

• Capability to import transaction data in real time from Contrec truck-mounted fuel-meter systems.

• Touchscreen point-of-sale invoicing system, usable with any touchscreen monitor.

• Entry and printing without preprinted forms for FAA 337, 8130-3 and 8710 forms, and printing using pre-printed forms on IRS W2, W3, 1096 and 1099 forms.

• An advanced multi-location Enterprise accounting package. Horizon claims this is the only available enterprise aviation software for SQL and Windows. It saves inventory, employees, transactions and all accounting information on a per-location basis, yet allows reporting on all locations as a combined whole.

Since September 1, all development of Total- FBO accounting and management software has been going into Version 4 only. Version 4 brings many new capabilities that supersede those of Version 3. Improved searching and on-screen sorting are automatic features of every browse screen. SQL is a worldwide standard, so it automatically accesses data through third-party products, including Excel. According to TotalFBO, thousands of contract programmers worldwide can interface with the database with no special tools or add-ons. And because of the nature of SQL Server and the way it protects the data from bad workstations and network troubles, moving to Version 4 will put a permanent end to “fix and freshen.” Version 4 now ships with MSDE, so Microsoft SQL 2000 would be necessary only if the customer’s network size required it, according to the Horizon.