Dassault Aims for Noise Reduction in 7X Cabin

 - April 2, 2007, 11:05 AM

Dassault plans to introduce an exceptionally quiet cabin in its new Falcon 7X business jet. The company announced at EBACE in May that it expects to create a cabin with noise levels in the 52-dB range, about four decibels less than in the Falcon 900EX. Normal cabin conversation is typically conducted in the 55- to 70-dB range. The company has ruled out the use of active noise cancellation technology, saying the cabin noise that will be produced by the 7X is not in the low-frequency range, where such systems are most effective. Instead, the company plans to use layered foams and noise-dampening materials in the furniture, between the outer skin and the cabin shell and under the floor. The target is high-frequency noise produced by air passing over the airframe and noise produced by interior systems such as fans, pumps, servos and actuators.