Gerber Seeks Bizav Market for New Cutting Machine

 - April 2, 2007, 12:41 PM

Gerber Technology has begun expanding its business aviation activity with the sale two new Taurus XM cutting systems to interior components specialist B/E Aerospace. The machine is designed to reduce waste when cutting leather, fabrics, foams and vinyls. A spokesman said the Taurus XM was created specifically with small interior shops in mind, aware that cutting requirements were not limited to hides and that getting the most from every piece was critical. “We also wanted to give customers something they could easily maintain,” said Dudley Finn, global sales executive for industrial applications for the Tolland, Conn.-based company. Roller-knife replacements, for example, can be purchased off-the-shelf at retail outlets such as Wal-Mart. The Taurus XM is priced at slightly less than $100,000.