DatcoMedia is rosetta stone of MX software

 - April 3, 2007, 9:26 AM

One of the major irritants with software is that few maintenance programs interact with one another. Users might have to log maintenance with one software program and manipulate parts inventory and ordering with another, while keeping track of labor management with a third. But this is about to change.

“It’s not uncommon for a director of maintenance to [manually] input numbers from one program into another and sometimes back again,” said Michael Lentini, president of sales and marketing for Reno, Nev.-based DatcoMedia. “The cost is a lot of time spent on administrative tasks and many mistakes during the mechanical inputting of data. We recognized the need for software that would integrate the various programs.”

DatcoMedia began working with aviation maintenance industry software developers to create a program that acts as the Rosetta Stone of maintenance software.
According to Lentini, its software integrates with Avantext, Avtrak, Tdata, Microsoft Great Plains Accounting, Microsoft Small Business and QuickBooks Pro. “What this means to the user is no more double entering of data from one program to another, saving time and money,” he said.

DatcoMedia is currently working on integrating real-time parts ordering online, as well as automatic nightly restocking orders. “Parts ordering from a work order is still done the old way, costing too much time and money,” he said.

“Partsexpress247.com will make it totally automatic, with all FAA-required information put right into your P.O. or work order.” A launch date wasn’t available at press time.